Sincerely Impacting People's Lives

Maureen Wittels

Harris Wittels was an incredible son, great comedian, co-executive producer of Parks and Recreation and Master of None, and inventor of the word “humblebrag”, which now resides in the Oxford Dictionary. He also had a big secret; he had an illness called addiction. He died on 2/19/15 of a drug overdose. He was 30 years young. We stood together as a family to support him and love him through the darkness but sadly it was not enough. My best friend gave me a beautiful gift after he died. It was a tiny little bracelet with a feather attached because feathers represent angels. It was a way for me to connect to Harris. I never take it off. But then I saw a necklace on a friend. It was her name written in a very unusual signature in tiny diamonds. I asked her about it and she told me her kids had given it to her and it was her dad’s actual signature as she was very close to him. I was blown away. It got me to thinking that perhaps I could get something created like that in Harris’ very own signature. I wear my engagement diamond in a necklace and never take it off so a necklace would not work for me but a bracelet would. I had received cards from Harris over the years and he always signed them exactly the same way but I had trouble deciding exactly what to say on the bracelet. I didn’t just want his name. Romy worked with me and came up with something amazing. Love Harris was that special something I was searching for. It will rest right next to my feather bracelet, never to be taken off! I feel so lucky to have found this designer, to make this kind of connection to my son. I love this special gift to myself.

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