Sincerely Impacting People's Lives

Cassie Dean Wiginton

When I first saw my sincerely signature necklace, I was ecstatic. Aside from being 14 karat gold and covered in diamonds (what woman doesn't love this?!), the necklace is sentimental. Wearing my husbands signature, something so inherently HIM, is an invaluable gift. When he put it on me the first time I almost imagined I was a modern day pink lady getting pinned. This time no T bird leather jacket, heart shaped locket or junky fraternity pin, I was getting a diamond signature. His signature. Old school, yet so very modern.

Every single time I wear it, I am complimented and quizzed on how to get one. For me, it's a conversation piece. A special little moment when I can share about my best friend and learn about another's loved one who they would like to remember in this way. It's a piece of my husband everywhere I go, no matter how far apart we are. I'm grateful that a jewelry designer has finally brought meaning, beauty and timelessness back to contemporary jewelry.

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